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Organic Sesame Oil

Price €6.00

Organic certified by COSMOS and KOSHER, 100% pure and natural, of cosmetic and food quality, our Organic Sesame Oil comes from first cold pressing of unroasted natural seeds of Burkina Faso, preserving all the active compounds of Sesame. A light yellow oil is then obtained with a slight odor and a pronounced sesame taste.

Organic Castor Oil Mascara

Regular price €6.20 -20%Price €4.96

Practical, natural and essential to strengthen your eyelashes and make your eyebrows thicker and brighter. Used 3 to 4 times per week, this Organic Castor Oil Mascara will leave your eyelashes hydrated, longer and full of suppleness.

Organic Damask Rose Floral...

Price €9.00

Obtained naturally by steam distillation of fresh petals of Organic Damask Roses (Organic Rosa Damascena), this water, with its delicious fragrance, is renowned for its invigorating, radiant, hydrating and revitalizing properties.Capacity: 100ml

Nigella Body - Black Seed...

Price €12.50

Nigella Body, Muscle Relaxation Roll-On by Wadi Shibam® is a massage oil developed with our Black Seed Oil certified pure at 99.9%. A unique formula developed with 4 essential oils specifically selected to relieve and soothe muscular and rheumatic pains. New relaxing innovation by Wadi Shibam®️ Capacity: Roll-on of 50ml

Algerian Olive Oil Extra...

Regular price €12.50 -20%Price €10.00

A jewel from the Djurjura mountains, in the Soummam valley in Kabylia of magnificent Algeria, a country renowned for the quality of its olive oils. A jewel of excellence with a Gourmet Medal at the last AVPA PARIS international oil competition 2022. Capacity: 750ml