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Wadi Shibam®

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Wadi Shibam®'s Honeys

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Thyme Honey from Morocco

Price €18.50

The antiseptic and healing properties of Thyme Honey make it an exceptional honey. Recognized even by great surgeons, this Authentic Thyme Honey, rare and very fragrant, is very effective in stimulating immune defenses, accelerate the healing process, preserve small infections, clear the airways congested .

Socotra Wild Honey For...

Price €39.90

The Socotra's Island Honey is one of the rarest honey in the world but also one of the most expensive. It comes from the mysterious island of Socotra where a third of its flora is found nowhere else. It is a strange honey, coming from Yemen, with a bitter and sweet taste at the same time, which is attributed to the fight against diabetes and regulate...

Yemeni Spurge Honey "Sâl"

Price €30.00

Yemen's Spurge Honey ... One of our most popular honeys for its rarity and low production volume.Often used for asthma and cold sickness, this very special honey, harvested sometimes in the region of Ta'iz or the valleys of Ibb in Yemen, will provide you a warmth that will invite itself in your throat and will keep you warm!!!

Yemeni Wildflower Honey...

Price €16.50

The Yemeni Wild flower Honey is a poly-floral honey from a wide variety of blooms, also from the Hadramawt region. These wild flowers are grown in a place completely away from contaminated areas. The rich floral sources combined with the climate and the rich soil of Hadramout gives the honey a unique and delicate light taste and aroma.