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Seeds and Medicinal Plants

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Habbat Al Muluk

Price €8.00

This powerful seed is very used in Yemen for the treatment of witchcraft eaten or swallowed. It should be used with great caution. It is a powerful purgative. See below for precautions.

Leaves of Sidr

Price €2.50

The leaves of Jujube or Sidr are used to remedy the capillary and cutaneous problems or more particularly within the framework of the Roqya and the washing mortuary.Weight: 50gOrigin: Morocco

Leaves of Sana Makki

Price €2.50

The Senna or Sana Makki is a medicinal plant used as a laxative for its purgative properties in the form of infusion in case of occasional constipation in adults.The duration of the treatment should not exceed 8 to 10 days under pain of irritation of the intestine.Weight: 50gOrigin: Morocco