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Sea Moss

Discover the power of Saint Lucia Sea Moss. Take your well-being into a new dimension and become the best version of yourself

Sea Moss Gels

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Sea Moss Gel - Pineapple

Price €25.99

Thunderous and refreshing fusion of Sea Moss and Pineapple whose bromelain helps digestion and reduces inflammation. It contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals. Additionally, Pineapple may support heart health, vision and the immune system, while promoting weight loss due to its fiber and enzyme content. ⚠ 3 different flavors added...

Sea Moss Gel -...

Price €25.99

Subtle infusion of Sea Moss with Strawberry and Banana, the combination of which provides a powerful dose of vitamin C, boosting immunity and skin health. Their fibers promote healthy digestion and together they provide a delicious energizing snack, ideal for satiety and recovery after physical exertion. ⚠ 3 different flavors added separately will benefit...

Sea Moss Gel - Mango

Price €25.99

Powerful infusion of Sea Moss Gel with the wonderful taste of Mango which is an excellent source of vitamin C, strengthening the immune system and the health of the skin. Its fibers promote good digestion and support intestinal transit. Mango is also beneficial for vision, heart and weight management thanks to its essential nutrients. ⚠ 3 different...

Sea Moss Gel - Strawberry

Price €25.99

A delicious Sea Moss Gel infusion with Strawberry that is rich in vitamin C, contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals and whose high fiber content aids digestion and supports heart health. Strawberries can also improve cognitive functions and regulate blood sugar levels. ⚠ 3 different flavors added separately will benefit from discounts