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World's Honey

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World's Honey

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Socotra Wild Honey For...

Price €39.90

The Socotra's Island Honey is one of the rarest honey in the world but also one of the most expensive. It comes from the mysterious island of Socotra where a third of its flora is found nowhere else. It is a strange honey, coming from Yemen, with a bitter and sweet taste at the same time, which is attributed to the fight against diabetes and regulate...

Thyme Honey from Morocco

Price €18.50

The antiseptic and healing properties of Thyme Honey make it an exceptional honey. Recognized even by great surgeons, this Authentic Thyme Honey, rare and very fragrant, is very effective in stimulating immune defenses, accelerate the healing process, preserve small infections, clear the airways congested .

Amlou (Moroccan Nut Paste)

Price €8.00

The artisanal Amlou is a delicious and typical Moroccan spread.Ideal for breakfast and afternoon tea, this ancestral recipe made of orange honey, argan oil and crushed almonds will help you discover the marvelous pleasures of the atlas.Capacity: 200g

White Honey from Kyrgyzstan

Price €22.90

It is in the Jailoo of Naryn, these fabulous high mountain meadows in Kyrgyzstan, that bees come to forage in this region rich in wild nectariferous flowers.A unique honey, Foamy and Creamy, with an astonishing whiteness and an exquisite and fruity taste.To all lovers of honeys and other sweets of the World, do not miss this marvel of the most surprising!

Natural Wood Honey Spoon

Price €3.50

This superb Honey Spoon made in France of lightly varnished Natural Woods is very easy to use. Simply turn the spoon into the honey pot and the honey will gently roll around it with more or less thickness according to your desire.