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Algerian Olive Oil Extra...

Regular price €12.50 -20%Price €10.00

A jewel from the Djurjura mountains, in the Soummam valley in Kabylia of magnificent Algeria, a country renowned for the quality of its olive oils. A jewel of excellence with a Gourmet Medal at the last AVPA PARIS international oil competition 2022. Capacity: 750ml

Bombilla Classique

Regular price €9.90 -50%Price €4.95

La Bombilla Classique est une bombilla en inox en forme de cuillère. Ce modèle à l'avantage d'être économique et d'être une valeur sûre. Il est l'un des plus répandus en Amérique du Sud. Bombilla Classique - Détails :Matériau : Acier inoxydable Longueur : 16 cm Filtre : Cuillère

Medjool Dates

Regular price €12.90 -31%Price €8.90

The King of dates. Formerly reserved for the royal tables of the palaces of Arabia, as it is three times larger than the classic varieties, the Medjool date is reputed to be more creamy, fruity and tasty.Capacity: 900g

Organic Castor Oil Mascara

Regular price €6.20 -20%Price €4.96

Practical, natural and essential to strengthen your eyelashes and make your eyebrows thicker and brighter. Used 3 to 4 times per week, this Organic Castor Oil Mascara will leave your eyelashes hydrated, longer and full of suppleness.