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Algerian Olive Oil Extra Virgin from Kabylia Medal-Winning Gourmet 2022

A jewel from the Djurjura mountains, in the Soummam valley in Kabylia of magnificent Algeria, a country renowned for the quality of its olive oils. A jewel of excellence with a Gourmet Medal at the last AVPA PARIS international oil competition 2022.

Capacity: 750ml

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Algerian Olive Oil in general is highly appreciated by olive oil lovers but is sometimes difficult to obtain.

The Algerian Olive Oil that we offer here, from Kabylia, is quite simply a jewel of excellence…

An Algerian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made in the traditional way, cold extracted, of superior category, obtained directly and only by mechanical processes.

And La Rostemide is the fruit of a unique family know-how that has lasted for more than 7 generations in the Djurjura mountains, in the Soummam valley in Kabylia. It is produced by local labor, respecting the environment and from lovingly cared for olive trees. Multi-hundred-year-old Kabylian olive trees of the Chemlal variety, which is one of the best olive varieties in the world. It is a fruity green with natural and varied aromas and flavors.

It should be noted that olive oils made in the old way, using an artisanal pressing process, are the most natural and do not have the same flavor as virgin or extra-virgin olive oils made in large quantities, by centrifugation.

And La Rostemide was rightly rewarded at the last AVPA PARIS 2022 international oil competition with a Gourmet Medal in the Old-Fashioned Olive Oil category!

Could it be one of the best Algerian olive oils? Do not hesitate to give us your feedback about it!

Storage tips:
Store away from air, light and heat.
Produced in Algeria

Frequently asked question:
What should I do if my Algerian olive oil has frozen?

You may have noticed that below 6°C, your Algerian olive oil becomes thicker and viscous. At 2°C it looks like butter and at -10°C it is just as hard as ice. This phenomenon also occurs with olive oils that have not had a first cold pressing. Your oil may be a whitish color in addition to being solid. But don't worry.

Know that if your oil is frozen, it has not lost its quality and its taste and nutritional properties. It's even quite the opposite. Quality olive oils will congeal more easily than poor quality oils. This means that your olive oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

So just place your frozen bottle of olive oil in a place at room temperature and wait for it to thaw naturally and become liquid again.

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