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Daniele A.
Verified purchase
5 years ago

Mascara presentation

mascara type tube and brush but completely colorless product with castor oil. Certainly effective but it is not a mascara as we usually understand it. To be more precise?

6 years ago


I have never had hair problems, I wanted to test what happens by putting a little oil every evening in a hair massage. And since then my scalp is really sore, I sleep very poorly and I have scabs on my skull.

9 years ago


salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I ordered all the honey from the store, because I am a big honey lover I like to discover other flavors, my favorite is maliki reinforced with royal jelly, Ethiopian honey is not bad too.the service and the people its masha allah nothing to say I am satisfied.wa salam alikoum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

9 years ago


salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakathu
I discovered maliky honey reinforced with royal jelly. I can say that it is among the best honey that I have tasted with another one that I cannot name, it was my grandmother who gave it to me. had tasted 30 years ago one which still remains marked is that I have not found since, a honey from Algeria that I am still looking for until now it was very dark in color, there is honey from ethiopia which is not bad too, I like to discover the different honeys, wadi shiban offers good products I bought all the honeys from their shop and I am satisfied with the product of the service masha allah.
wa salam alaikoum wa rahmatallah wa barakathu

9 years ago

Golden honey

This honey is truly the honey of Yemen and not the fake one that can be found in certain stores, it is unique, simply open the pot and smell and taste a delight, don't hesitate, especially as it is affordable and of impeccable quality. orders are fast and serious thank you thanks to you we can have the best honey in the world and one of the rarest I still recommend....