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    Sukkary Rutab Dates Premium

    Sukkary Rutab Dates are true sweet and juicy delights, providing an unparalleled taste experience. Sourced from the lands of Saudi Arabia, these Premium Dates are packed with essential nutrients, providing a sustained, natural source of energy. Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite and sweet flavor as well as the soft texture of these Sukkary dates, a true invitation to a captivating taste journey.

    Capacity: 500g


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    Sukkary Rutab Dates are sweet gems of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically grown in the Qasseem region between Medina and Riyadh. Their fame lies in their melting and honeyed texture, deliciously reminiscent of the taste of caramel. They offer an exquisite sensation in the mouth, an almost bewitching sweetness, evoking natural candies hanging from trees.

    Their Rutab state, picked at mid-ripeness, gives these dates an incredibly smooth tenderness and texture. Sukkary, literally “sweet”, captivate the taste buds with their nature as a natural treat. When tasted, they evoke the delights of candied chestnuts, enhanced with a delicate touch of almond, a truly exquisite taste experience.

    These little wonders are perfect for tasting alone or as an ingredient of choice in pastries, their resistance to liquefaction during cooking making them ideal for pairing harmoniously with shortcrust pastry.

    In addition, on a nutritional level, these dates are a mine of benefits: they are full of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, A1 and C, while being rich in magnesium, iron and potassium, thus offering a much appreciated sweetness for the palate as a welcome source of nutrition for the body.

    Nutrition Facts:

    For 70 grams

    Energy: 189 Calories

    Total fat: 0.4 g

    Total carbohydrates: 52g or 19% of the RDA

    Dietary Fiber: 6g or 20% of the RDA

    Total Sugars: 46g

    Protein: 1g or 3% of the RDA

    Calcium: 55mg 4% of RDA

    Iron: 0.5 mg 3% of RDA

    Potassium: 461mg or 10% of the RDA