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    Date Maamoul (Date Filled Cookies)

    Date Maamoul, a Middle Eastern delicacy, combines flour, semolina and butter, containing a succulent date paste. These exquisite pastries offer a symphony of flavors: sweetness of the finest Saudi dates coated with tender shortbread, a delicacy to savor for an authentic Middle Eastern taste experience.

    Capacity: 420g (12x35g)


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    Date Maamoul, culinary emblems of Middle Eastern pastries, represent an unavoidable taste tradition. Carefully composed from a subtle mixture of flour, semolina and butter, these cakes contain a gourmet treasure: a delicious paste made from the Finest Saudi Dates. Their making, often passed down from generation to generation, reveals ancestral know-how and meticulous attention to every detail.

    The perfect balance between the shortbread texture of the dough and the sweetness of the dates offers a symphony of flavors in the mouth. Each bite reveals the tenderness of the crispy shortbread biscuit, harmoniously contrasted by the sweet and fragrant richness of the date filling. These pastries, much more than just cakes, represent a centuries-old tradition and an art of living.

    Appreciated during festivities and moments of sharing, Date Maamoul embody a culinary cultural heritage. Their artistic appearance, carefully crafted in traditional molds, demonstrates the passion and dedication required to create these delicacies. An unforgettable taste experience that takes you to the heart of the traditions and authentic flavors of the Middle East that we enjoy tasting over a good tea.

    Ingredients: flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, butter (palm), glucose, cornstarch, egg, honey, glycerin, salt, sodium bicarbonate, E471, E472, butter flavor, vanillin.