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Terms of services

Article 1. Overview
The present terms and conditions are applicables on all sells concluded between the Wadi Shibam LTD company and the Client through the website The website informations mentionned in the website are given on indicative purpose. We reserve the right to change or modify without caution any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and eventually the prices.

Article 2. Command
All command can be excuted in line through the Website and will be effective only after the payment has been succesfull by the Wadi Shibam LTD company. Thereby, until the payment beeing executed in its totality, the Wadi Shibam LTD company remain the exclusive owner of the articles.

Article 3. Products
We try as much as we can to describe you the products with the most exactess and we generally try to publish the products's photos witch are in sell. This, in order to the Client can execute his purchase knowing the essentioal elements of each product before its purchase. However, the products' pictures are noncontractuals. It cannot, in any case, question a command. The responsability of the Wadi Shibam LTD company won't be able to be engaged in case of mistake or omission.

Article 4. Prices
The products saled in the website are indicated in Euro (€) all taxes included out of shipping delivery charges. The total of the commands proceeded in the website is payable in Euro. And as mentionned in the Article 1 the Wadi Shibam LTD company reserves the right to modify the products' prices in the website without caution.
The prices applicables will be those in effect at the time of the command under reserve of the products's avaibility.

Article 5. Payment
Two payment methods are available for the payment of orders
- by credit card via the secure payment platform Stripe
- or via PayPal by Credit Card or by using a PayPal account.
When you validate your purchase, in the command's processus, you certify that you agree the terms of services and the conditions of the website which like mentionned in the Article 1 can be modified witout notice.

Article 6. Shipping and delivery
The product figuring in the website are shipped by packages through different carriers depending of the country of delivery and within 15 open days from the day of the payment acceptation like definited on the Article 2. However, the shipping is generally executed within 48h as soon as the payment is successful. The shipping's reprieve are given in indicative purpose only. The Wadi Shibam LTD company endeavore to respect it. However, for any reason independant of our will, the reprieves indicated could be overpass.
Nevertheless, the overpassing can entrain eather cancellation of the command nor compensation.
The packages can be followed though the links provided.
The articles travel on your own risk and peril. Under no circumstances the Wadi Shibam LTD company will be held responsible in case of degradation, robbery or spoliation.

Please check the maximun regarding import taxes in your country before ordering. The Wadi Shibam LTD company can not be held responsible if the items are detained by Customs after the shipment has left the seller's country, the buyer is responsible for the reporting of detained articles. The buyer is solely responsible for any customs fees that may be charged after delivery.
When the package arrive, the Client is held to verify the article's packing on the delivery. In case of doubt at the time of the delivery (package lumpy, open, broken...) the Client must imperatively made a certified report in the deliver's presence and eventually refuse it.
Thereby, in case of reserve and in accordance to the articles 105 et the one who follow it of the Business Code, it is to the Client to pursue against the transporters, in the termes and legal delay, and to notify immediately the Wadi Shibam LTD company by e-mail:

Article 7. Participation in shipping charges
The shipping charges are calculated automatically at the time of the command depending of the country of delivery, the number and the weight of the ordered products.

Article 8. Return of the products
In accordance of the dispositions of the Articles L.121-16 and those who follow it of the Business Code, the Client dispose on a extention of time of 14 open days to return the delivered product for exchange or refund.
The product must imperatively be in its origine packing, intact and sealed.
The reexpedition fees are nevertheless on the Client's charge, except if the return is owen to a mistake by the Wadi Shibam LTD company.
Thereby for the returns, you are pleased to contact us by e-mail.

Special attention regarding Sea Moss Gels:

Unless there is an error on the part of the Wadi Shibam LTD company, being fresh and perishable products, Sea Moss Gels do not have a return policy and all sales are final. In the event of shipping to a pickup point, it is the customer's responsibility to collect their order as quickly as possible in order to preserve the freshness of the products upon receipt. If the product lacks freshness on arrival due to late collection of the package by the customer, the latter is solely responsible and no refund will be eligible. Also, if the customer does not collect their package from the pickup point within the time allowed by the carrier and their package is returned to the sender, no refund will be granted for the Sea Moss Gels nor for the initial shipping fees if there were any.

Article 9. Responsability
The Wadi Shibam LTD company cannot be held responsible of any kind of damage who could be resulted on a bad utilisation of the commercialized products.

May 1st 2021