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White Honey from Kyrgyzstan

It is in the Jailoo of Naryn, these fabulous high mountain meadows in Kyrgyzstan, that bees come to forage in this region rich in wild nectariferous flowers.
A unique honey, Foamy and Creamy, with an astonishing whiteness and an exquisite and fruity taste.
To all lovers of honeys and other sweets of the World, do not miss this marvel of the most surprising!


Foamy of Jailoo, these meadows of high mountains where generations have passed from beekeepers all passionate about this creamy white honey.
All lovers of honeys with surprising flavors will be delighted to discover this honey with the most amazing color and texture.

In addition to being exquisite in taste, this honey brings a very special feeling to the palate during its tasting.

In any case, it was a crush for us and we are delighted to make you discover!

Although tasting remains a real pleasure, it is also attributed some therapeutic benefits for the digestive system such as:
- fighting against gastric acidity
- fighting against ulcer problems
- cleaning of prostatic polyps
- cleaning of the intestinal flora
- prevention against gastrointestinal diseases in general

Conservation tips:
- Keep the White Honey from Kyrgyzstan in a dry place, protected from moisture and at room temperature above 20°C so that Honey retains its foamy, frothy, and creamy texture.
- If your honey has hardened due to winter temperatures, put it for an hour near a radiator or a few minutes in a water bath without exceeding 35°C.
- It is strongly discouraged to expose it to the sun, high temperatures and temperatures above 40°C because these factors are causes of degradation of honey and the loss of its therapeutic benefits.
- Honey can be kept very long at room temperature, so there is no interest in freezing it to avoid crystallization because freezing could even make it lose its virtues including vitamin and enzymatic.


Miel parfait

Ce miel est très doux , peu sucré et surprenant. C'est un des meilleurs !





Miel blanc

Très bon miel mais trop chere pour la contenance nous sommes 2 à la maison et l’avons fini en 10 jours

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